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Turning off the Light

I find limiting screen time difficult because my generation is all about technology and social media. I was thinking back on how my generation is different from my mom’s, where she didn’t grow up with social media and cell phones. Growing up in my generation, it’s weird to think back in time about how new…

Why did the internet turn to the dark side?

Growing up we go on social media and find model like figures to look up to. As a teenager we turn to the internet for multiple reasons including outfit insperation, keeping up with our profile, advise, stress, and many more reasons. So, why is there a negative side to the internet and social media?  People…

Dear Mom

Dear Mom, Growing up I remember having trouble learning things in school that the teachers were teaching me because my mind couldn’t understand the material. I used to hide my homework assignments in a folder and hide the folder under my bed so you wouldn’t find them. The next day in class, I would take…

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